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Looking for a professional residential or commercial alarm service company that is passionate about providing state-of-the-art solutions?

Custom Security Technologies gives you the expertise and creative talent that will help you achieve your security needs.

Do you want to see what’s going on at home right on your phone? Did you remember to close the garage door? Do you want to check on your office while you’re out of town? Bosch makes it easy, with a variety of downloadable mobile apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Here are just a few of the apps that make managing your security solutions easier and more convenient than ever ...

Video solutions

DVR ViewerDVR Viewer

A DVR Viewer is designed for cameras connected to your CCTV Video Recorder. You can watch video or see still images from in your home, office or business from anywhere in the world. You can even control the focus, pan, tilt and zoom on selected PTZ cameras. Get all the details on the Bosch DVR Viewer app by clicking here.

Live ViewerLive Viewer

With the advent of HDTV, the high resolution offered from IP cameras has become the norm and expectation of our clients. This app allows you to see what your IP cameras see right on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can watch video or still images from IP cameras in your home, office, or business from anywhere in the world. For selected cameras, you can also control the pan, tilt, zoom and alarm. Learn more about the mobile Bosch Live Viewer app right here.







Intrusion Systems


Remote Security Control

 Control your Alarm Panel directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with the Bosch Remote Security Control.

 With the Bosch Remote Security Control, you can arm and disarm your security system remotely. You can also turn any outputs connected to your system on or off including thermostats, lights, garage doors, etc. Our remote control allows you to grant temporary or permanent access rights to other users as well. You decide what privileges and how long the user will have access to the system by selecting the allowable date range for their device.

 Our commitment is to securing people and premises, wherever lives and property are at risk. Combined with Bosch state-of-the-art intrusion solutions, the mobile Bosch Remote Security Control app gives you even more peace of mind that your possessions are safe and secure, wherever they may be.

Remote Security Control

 Click here to learn more about the Remote Security Control app.


Full details about systems available for free download.

Free download

Security & Fire Protection

Touch Screen

CST has a wealth of experience with both intrusion and fire alarm IP communication deployment.


Video Surveillance

Dome CameraOffering a wide variety of surveillance solutions from CCTV to IP, both providing remote monitoring capability from smartphone to tablet and PC to Mac.


Access Control

Access ControlOur Access Control Systems are intuitive, easy to use and expandable, allowing you to control an unlimited number of locations.


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